2020 Roundup - Llúcia Wood & Alex Poulton

Despite it being a difficult year, it has been our most active season yet!

It's been a different kind of season - Llúcia Wood Photography

2020 was a year of firsts for the Lionesses; it was our first season fielding two teams and our first season competing at Skirmish Pro Training Centre (Sherwood Forest); our newest Sponsor. Both of which have helped us grow our network and our roster.

At The CPPS (Penkridge), the UK’s largest sup’air tournament, Lionesses moved up to Division 4 where we placed 8th in a very tight mid table battle.

Our new 2020 team, Lionesses Red, competed in Division 5. This team consisted of new players with the support from some of our Division 4 members (only featuring one D4 player on the field at any time). They finished a respectable 10th out of 23 teams.

Due to national lockdowns and restrictions, the CPPS dropped from five to three rounds, moved Division 4 and above to a League system, and spread the divisions out every weekend.

The Lionesses were amongst many teams who benefited from this as it gave us more opportunities to compete and train. Below, we review our 2020 and look forward to 2021!


  • 6 Lionesses made the GB Team: Lydia, Sophie, Zoe, Shelley & Llúcia were selected for the 5-man roster and Kat made the 3-man roster. Sadly, the UPBF World Championships were cancelled for 2020.

  • 25th - SaD held a fundraiser for Jamie Ellwood called CPPS Shoot the Rainbow – Lydia took the field with Raiders and Llúcia joined a scratch team called ‘Old Bristollians’ who podiumed 2nd.

  • 26th - Skirmish 3-man Rd 3: This was the first event Lionesses fielded two teams which contributed towards the 15 females who competed at this event. Lionesses seeded into Div3, the team consisted of Lydia (C), Alex (first paintball tournament and debut with Lionesses) & Chloe (guesting for the team and first paintball tournament). Lionesses Red competed in the locked ‘Intro Division’, the team was Sophie (C), Kat & Becky (first debut with Lionesses). After this event, Alex and Becky officially joined the team!


  • Llúcia Wood officially joined the Lionesses from Laychicks!

  • 1st - CPPS Open Student Training – hosted by coach James Green, Alex and Shannon attended.

  • 23rd - Skirmish 3-man Rd 4: Lydia (C), Alex, Kat, Llúcia & Emma seeded into Div2 and placed 2nd!

  • 29th - CPPS Open Student Training – Alex and Shannon both attended to train drills and gain more field time.


  • 1st - Student Cup – Alex competed with University of Leeds and placed 2nd in Div1 as well as earning Best Society trophy. Shannon also competed with University of West England.

  • 14th - CPPS Pre-season, Lionesses competed with: Lydia (C), Alex, Kat, Llúcia, Zoe & Abbie (guest from Midland Prevail). Lionesses won 2/3 games resulting in a three-way tie for the top of the bracket. Zoe and Abbie dominated their 1v1s seeding us in the top group. We won our quarter finals but unfortunately lost our semi-finals and placed 4th.

  • Elizabete Joined the team from SaD Fallen Angels!

April & May

  • A brief break from paintball due to national lockdowns meant members worked on their fitness and training at home.

  • During this period, Llúcia, Lydia, Elizabete & Shelley organised and created a video project with the goal of bringing together female players across the globe to highlight the number of women in the sport. With help from Natália Nogueira Dias, Ivonne Rodriguez Peña, Lili Ye the final ‘Pass the Mask’ video features seventy-five players from twenty-six different countries! This can be found on ‘Llúcia Wood Photography’ on Facebook.


  • After the UK came out of national lockdown and allowed small groups to exercise, Alex trains 3v3 twice at Retford Urban Paintball, and a third time with Llúcia.


  • 5th - Retford Team Training: Alex, Llúcia & Kat attended a socially distanced 5-man training against Messingham Militia.

  • 25th - Open Ladies training: with the help of coach James and his glamorous assistants, Sam Price and Max Wakefield, the Lionesses help an open ladies training day to try and bring more female players together. Llúcia, Shannon, Alex, Shelley, Lydia, Kat, Elizabete, Sophie, & Michelle (first time on a paintball field) attended.

  • Michelle officially joined the team!


  • 8th - CPPS Rd1 Breakout: Shannon played this round for her University team, University of West England.

  • 9th - CPPS Rd1 Div5: Lionesses Red took the CPPS field for the first time this season. It consisted of Kat (C), Zoe, Alex, Sophie & Shannon. They finished 17th.

  • 15th - CPPS Rd1 Div4: the team was Lydia (C), Emma, Llúcia, Zoe, Shelley, Alex & Kat. This was the first time Lionesses played mercy 3 and the results were 2 wins and 2 losses.

  • 16th - CPPS Open Ladies Training: Coached by James Green with help from Gabe Parker and Guy and Max Wakefield. Shelley, Alex, Kat, Zoe, Lydia, Sophie, Llúcia & Shannon worked on developing their individual skills.

  • 23rd - CPPS Rd1 Div1: Llúcia and Zoe guested for Raiders.

  • 30th - Skirmish 5-man Rd2: Lionesses Red attended this event, the team featured Sophie (C), Kat, Shannon, Katie Gobourn (guest player from Morning Wood) & Jess Heath (guest player from Sneaky Snorkels). On the same day, Shelley commentates on the live stream of the CPPS Elite division.

  • Shannon (finally) officially joined the team!


  • 5th - Private training: Lionesses shared a field with Trash Pandas. Coached by James Green with help from Max Wakefield, Llúcia, Kat, Lydia, Sophie and guests Lucy Debbie and Amber, worked on their team skills.

  • 6th - CPPS Rd2 Div5: Lionesses Red finish 16th overall. The team consisted of Lydia (C), Alex, Shannon, Kat & Marta (guest from University of Birmingham Airsoft and Paintball team). Alex earnt herself Move of the Day/Event MVP!

  • 12th - CPPS Rd2 Div4: Won one, drew one and lost two games. This team featured Lydia (C), Zoe, Alex, Shelley, Llúcia, Sophie & Lucy (guest player from Sandbaggers)

  • 13th - CPPS Rd2 Div3: Alex, Lydia & Llúcia created a scratch team to fill an empty spot in D3, they won all four games and only dropped three points all day!

  • 19th - European Classic Paintball League (ECPL) Rd1 Saturday: Shelley played for her woodsball team, Mayhem Tigers, and podiumed 1st in the Amateur bracket.

  • 20th - ECPL Rd1 Sunday: Shelley once again took the field with Mayhem Tigers and placed 4th in the Pro bracket. On the same day, Alex, Lydia, Sophie, Kat & Shannon attended the CPPS open training where they scrimmed against SaD D1 all day.

  • 27th - Skirmish 5-man Rd3: Lydia (C), Michelle, Llúcia, Sophie, Kat & Katie (guest from Morning Wood), seeded into division two. On the same day, Shelley commentates on the CPPS livestream Elite division.


  • 4th - CPPS Rd3 Div5: this was the teams largest roster this season, Lydia (C) and Llúcia (shared a slot), Karis Martin, Kat, Amber (first time on a paintball field), Loretta & Deborah (guests from Conflict Warcon) joined forces for the final round of the CPPS, they placed 12th. On the same day, Michelle plays for her other team, Sneaky Snorkles.

  • 10th - Open Student Training: Coached by James Green, Alex attended with her Uni team, Leeds Gryphons whilst Lydia and Llúcia also attended to support the event.

  • 11th - CPPS Open training: The following day Alex, Lydia and Llúcia were joined by Sophie and Kat to get a solid days training in against some higher division teams.

  • 17th - CPPS Rd3 Div4: Lydia (C), Alex, Sophie, Alicia Turner, Kat & Llúcia took the field, which resulted in one win, one draw and two losses.

  • 25th - CPPS Rd3 Div1: Lydia, Alex & Llúcia guested for Raiders in division 1.


  • 1st - Skirmish ‘Covid Cup’: For this Hyperball 7man event, Llúcia (C) and Lydia merged with Messingham Militia and podium 2nd place in division 1!

  • Once again, Corona took over and the UK was put into another national lockdown.


  • 5th - Skirmish Army try-outs: Alex and Llúcia attended to support the numbers at the Skirmish Army tryouts, They trained some individual skills as well as some 2v2s.

  • 6th - Skirmish 3-man Rd1: Lionesses consisted of Lydia (C), Alex & Llúcia. They seed into division two and place 4th (the top five teams drawing in points and only four bodies alive between them all). This is the first time Lionesses Academy took the field. Kat (C), Shannon & Leanne (first time on a sup’air field and first Lionesses debut) podiumed 2nd!!

  • Leanne officially joined the team from being a frequent walk-on player.

  • 27th - Skirmish Xmas Walk-on: Alex, Lydia, Llúcia & Leanne ventured into the Skirmish woods.

  • 28th - NPF Bassetts Pole Xmas Walk-on: Lydia, Llúcia & Sophie ventured into the NPF Birmingham woods.


The end of season recognition (internally voted) results were:

Best Newcomer – Alex Poulton Most Dedicated – Lydia Conroy Most improved – Alex Poulton CPPS D5 MVP – Shannon Lopes CPPS D4 MVP – Llúcia Wood Skirmish Pro Training Centre MVP – Kat Connell

Included in this end of season recognition was an acknowledgement for the six girls who attended the most paintball days in this difficult 2020 season (once officially joining the Lionesses and including guesting for other teams):

Alex – 25+ days

Lydia – 23 days

Llúcia – 22 days

Kat – 17 days

Shannon - 11 days

Sophie - 11 days

We’d all like to say a massive thank you to our incredible sponsors: Gi Sportz, Planet Eclipse, Anthrax, CPPS, Skirmish Pro Training Centre, Get Milked Designs, Mutant Customs, Llúcia Wood Photography and Fatboy Pots.

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