GTEK 170R Review - Shelley Farmer

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

The Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R has been on the market now for a whole season, replacing the Gtek 160R, and with thanks to the support from Ledz and Tom O, we all got to play with this remarkable bit of kit throughout 2019. The ladies will continue to use these sexy little paint wands again this season!

So this is my little review...

The 170R is an upgrade, and what has changed I hear you ask, well visually the air transport (AT) pipe has gone, vamooshed! Yeah it has been put in the grip frame, so your mid-range marker now looks and feels like a top end tournament gun. Thus taking the 9 volt battery out of the grip frame and into the fore grip, and then just like the CS2 the 170R’s regulator (ASA) is adjustable at the bottom of the grip frame. Plus, the POPS on and off feature… dribbling yet?

Well, get a tissue as it also has the Oled board as before with a bright and easier to see screen. You can set it to all tournament settings from 5.5 bps to NXL 10.5 bps. I like it clinical, no faff when you are walking and sometimes jogging out to that start gate ;)

I chose black as I like the ninja style. The girls as a whole chose the grey/teal style, which I also want but I can’t be greedy!

With the lack of the AT, it is lighter and the handling of the gun is more flexible and allows for a tighter profile. I find with the new blade trigger that ramping with both my right and left hand is smoother for me. The 170r comes with a standard auto-cocker (AC) thread shaft 4 barrel with stock 68.9 bore, which does its job but I prefer the carbon tip barrel.

It is easy to service, clean and slick. You can remove the eye covers without screws, the ASA is easy to clean, the battery change and the gamma core system (bolt) removal is also swift.

Final thoughts, it is made well, the performance is reliable, we have won podiums with it, and it is a great paintball gun. Go get one!


What are you waiting for?

If Shelley hasn't convinced you, then let the raft of podiums achieved by Planet Eclipse teams shooting the GTEK 170R across woodsball and sup-air do the talking! This truly is a phenomenal (and affordable!) piece of kit that the girls will be continuing to shoot into 2020 and beyond.

Get yours here -

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