Lionesses Academy CPPS Breakout R1 2021 - Leanne Mcdonagh

Updated: May 20, 2021

I’ve been a spectator a couple of times at CPPS but never thought I’d actually play there myself, but when the opportunity came up to join the Lionesses Academy line up for round one of the Breakout Division, I thought I’d give it a go. After a successful first taste of tournaments at the Skirmish 3 man, I think the bug to play more paintball had truly caught me and I was hungry for more tournament experience.

On the day, the atmosphere was great despite the rain hammering it down pretty much all day, but the rest of the girls on the team and all the support we had around us made me feel comfortable being stood in those pits. The support and coaching from Lydia and Sophie was amazing as always and having those two familiar faces with us helped a lot. That’s what I love about the Lionesses, they are welcoming, friendly and are super supportive throughout. I have learnt so much since joining in December 2020 and it’s all thanks to them and their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Playing on the astro meant that we didn’t get muddy too. BONUS!

Now, 8bps is weird. It took me a few points to get used to it but it did help with confidence and making more moves than usual. Playing against teams that are similar level and experience to myself made a huge difference compared to playing in the Open division at the Skirmish 5 man, I was able to make more moves this time!

We ended the day narrowly missing out on a podium spot, coming 4th place, as we lost the first point but then our confidence increased and we ended up winning 7 out of the 12 we played.

Next round we will be back for that podium!

I highly recommend this division if you want to give tournament paintball a go.

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