Lionesses Academy success! - Kat Connell

During the off season I had the privilege of being captain for Lionesses Academy at the 3 man series at Skirmish Pro Training Centre Nottingham. Unfortunately due to covid and the lockdowns there were only 2 events in the series. However at both events Lionesses Academy put out a team, in the Intro Division, containing new players to the sup air side of paintball.

During the first event on 6th December 2020 a 3 man team including me, Shannon and Leanne (new) fought our hearts out against 5 other teams. As there were only 3 of us we could not rotate any players but in the end this worked to our advantage as we started to gel perfectly as a team. Leanne gained confidence in us and her own natural skill getting her first kills on a sup air field. My aggression in how I played grew, getting several 3 packs throughout the day as I knew Shannon always had my back. As for Shannon without her incredible accuracy we wouldn’t have won as many games as we did. In the end our little dream team podiumed 2nd place in the Intro Division and I couldn’t have been prouder of the girls I played with that day.

During the second event on 4th April 2021, me, Shannon and Leanne returned to Skirmish Nottingham to play another round of the 3 man series. This time we had picked up two new players Amber and Liv. The 5 of us rotated throughout the day meaning at times the 3 man team on the field had 2 new players and only 1 player with experience. This was also only Leanne’s 2ndtime out on a sup air field but looking at her that day you would not have realised it. All the girls worked incredibly hard not only for the Lionesses Academy but also jumping in to help out the other lionesses team in the open division. For most of the girls this was a big jump but a great opportunity to see what high divisions are like, as only me and Shannon had competed at the higher level before. After a tough fight against some challenging teams the girls managed to win 6 out of 10 of their games putting us on the podium at 3rdplace, with only 2 points and 2 bodies alive between us and first place. This shows the podium spots were so close and I was so proud of all of the girls.

I cannot wait to see what the girls can do in the 5 man series at Skirmish and at CPPS this season!

Kat Connell

#2 Lionesses

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