Lionesses Coalition CPPS D2 R1 2021 - Sophie Tubb

Updated: May 21, 2021

This weekend saw Lionesses Coalition’s first outing into CPPS D2. With new team members and a new dynamic we were excited to put our training into action.

The team consisted of Lydia (C), myself (Sophie), Alex, Llúcia, Tom and Andres. We’ve been using the time we had leading up to R1 to really get to know each other and gel as a team. Pulling up to CPPS gave me the familiar feeling of butterflies and excitement, even more so this time as we were taking such a massive step up from D4.

Our first game against Apocalypse got off to a strong start. Things really came together, and we took the first point. Apoc pulled it back with the next point, so we came back with an aggressive snake push and got another point on the board. The final point went to time giving us a final score of 2-1. We came off our first game on a high, thrilled that we’d secured our first win in D2.

Next we took on Warped Black. Things got off to a great start and we secured the first two points calmly and methodically. Unfortunately the third point saw us lose bodies early on, and Warped getting a point on the board. Things went downhill again and a major penalty in the fourth point left us on a 2-2 draw with 32 seconds left on the clock. After a quick and intense point, Warped took the win with a final score of 3-2.

For our third game of the day we took on Sabotage. We were all feeling really good with the day so far and were going into our third game pumped and ready. We fought hard in this game, dropping one point but pulling it back to finish the game on a 2-1 win.

Fourth and final prelim for R1 was against SaD Outlaws. During this game we learned some valuable lessons as a team, dropping two points in quick succession due to a combination of losing bodies early and not adapting quickly enough. A good game against a strong team unfortunately ended our day on a 2-0 loss.

Overall as a team we’re incredibly happy and proud with our first appearance in D2. We can’t wait to get back to training this weekend to start prep for round 2. See you there 😉

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