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Photo courtesy of Llucia Wood Photography's 2017 Photo Book - Breakout. Featuring images of Paintballers in their own homes, something that really resonates right now!

Like all of the UK Paintball community, the girls and I have been positively heartbroken to see events cancelled and sites temporarily suspend operations in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Whilst this is difficult to get our heads around as players, we commend the UKPSF sites and wider community for putting the safety of players and anyone they may come into contact with ahead of anything else in these extremely difficult times.

So like you, we are now facing a question...

What do we do without paintball?

Not all of us have gardens big enough to drill in, or access to appropriate (and open!) public space. So we decided to pull together this list of the UK’s paintball content creators to help both ourselves and the community pass the time until the 2020 season can begin properly, as well as providing support to those creating paintball content in the UK during these uncertain times.

Are you a Paintball content creator or know of something that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll update this frequently! We’d love for this list to grow dynamically into something that can keep us all entertained throughout this extended off-season.

Lydia x



Planet Eclipse – The Zero Edit Podcast

A firm favourite of ours, some fantastic informal chit chat around current affairs with the sport that we all love, as well as a great insight into the history of the game.

Listen on:


UK Paintball Podcast

Hosted by Joe Upton of Shattered Lens Paintball. We particularly enjoy how Joe approaches this very well-produced podcast from the perspective of a player.

Listen on:




Paintball Magazine Podcast

Martello Swasp of Paintball Magazine covers all forms of the game – from sup air, to woodsball, to magfed and everything in between. Don’t forget to also stock up on back issues of Paintball Magazine to get you through isolation!

Listen on:



Legacy – London Tigers

As keen viewers of Paintball content, we were incredibly excited to hear about this series coming to Amazon Prime this year. Unfortunately, due to the current climate, Ep1 is currently only available on Vimeo – but for less than the price of a cup of coffee you can now get access to one of the most well produced and unique paintball documentaries we have seen in a very long time.

Watch on:


Artifact - Planet Eclipse

An oldie but goldie, these were the videos we used to watch as teenagers before a day at a rec site the next day so we're really pleased to discover these films are still available on Vimeo. A particular favourite of ours is "The End of Days" featuring the NCPA; whilst it is focused on the USA, this is particularly poignant given the strides that are being made to grow student paintball in the UK.

Watch on:



Truternology by Nicky T

We’re huge fans of Nicky’s Truternology program and how it’s not only supporting existing players and teams – but encouraging new players into the sport as well (We’re looking at you Lily Springate!). Including layout dissections, drills, product reviews and more you’re bound to find something to keep you entertained amongst Nicky’s plethora of engaging content.

Available on:


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