UK Woodland Masters - Kara Wilde

In July, the Lionesses attended the UK Woodland Masters tournament at Holmbush Paintball and came away with second place. Part of the team was Kara Wilde, one of our youngest players at just 15, you can read Kara's write up below!

When I first arrived and got to the pits it was raining a bit but wasn’t too bad, then other people started to arrive. The weather got worse throughout the day and by the end it was thundering and lightning!

We started off with 7 players and 3 pit crew, but sadly due to a heavy team schedule where the majority of the girls were playing 3 or 4 weekends in a row and also saving up for the Ladies 3 man, we had a few drop out. Thankfully last minute we were able to find two amazing guest players, JB from The Clan and Ryan from Warpigs. This was the first time most of us had played together (apart from me and Leanne who play on Academy).

This was the first event we got to wear our awesome new Lionesses Woodsball jerseys, designed and made by Anthrax Paintball. As well as our new Lionesses UKWM headgear, barrel socks and patches.

There were 8 games, 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon with different fields. We definitely preferred the 2nd field which we played on in the afternoon as it was more like supair which is what we we're used too.

4 games on Heli field (Was more bushy)

Game1 - Loss Warpigs Flag grab, G2

Game2 - Loss All-Stars, G1

Game3 - Loss All-Stars, G4

Game4 - Win SaD Tactical, O1

Leanne and myself teamed up on the field entrance tape, Llúcia and Ryan held down the tape side on the furthest side of the field. Whilst guest player JB (John) went sneaky up the middle towards the flag.

“Long field” (a player favourite, more supair kinda vibes)

Game5 - Win Anomaly, O2

Game6 - Win Warpigs, O2

Game7 - Draw SaDTactical, G2 O2

Game8 - Win Anomaly, O1

Leanne and Llúcia demolished their opposites on the field entrance side, to then shoot packs and backs of the rest of the opposition who were held off by me and Ryan on the other tape side. Again JB did work up the centre, clearing out and allowing our tape players to push up.

Everyone there was lovely... the other players and the staff, it was such a friendly environment to be in all day!

One thing I will take from the day to supair is how to move forward and make different moves, whilst always being aware of both sides of my bunker. I think all together we did well on communication we kept the kill count all throughout and it was pretty much perfectly on point all day.

I originally started paintball because I saw Graham (Morning Wood) play, and was interested. I first did a walk on and eventually started playing at CPPS, but this was my first time doing a proper Woodsball tournament and it was amazing. This was my 3rd event I played for Lionesses and so far I feel very welcomed and a part of the team.

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