Our Rosters

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Shelley Farmer

One of the most recognisable faces on our team. With 7 GB caps and a family history within paintball, Shelley has been playing since 1996. Since the start of Lionesses in 2018 you will catch Shelley playing both snake support and centre forward. She was also on the 2019 GB Ladies team who placed 2nd in the UPBF Nations Cup 3man. Outside of paintball Shelley is part of a hockey team.


Kat Connell

Kat started playing paintball in 2014 and joined the Lionesses in 2018 after a few years break. She is versatile so plays both bags and snake forward. Kat won the Lionesses 2020 ‘Skirmish MVP’ recognition award. When she is not on the paintball field, you will catch her taking on marathons and regularly training Taekwondo in which she holds a black belt 3rd degree.


Zoe Bonar

Our second Scottish player, Zoe, started playing paintball in 2012 and joined the Lionesses at the end of 2019. Zoe's first event was a first place for the Lionesses at CPPS. Our most versatile player, she plays an aggressive game on both snake and bag side of the field. Zoe was part of the 2019 GB Ladies team who placed 2nd in the UPBF Nations Cup 3man. 


Alicia Turner

Alicia was another one of the original Lionesses members from 2018. She has been playing since 2005 and plays a calm and controlled game on the bag side of the field. When not playing paintball Alicia plays golf.


Emma Jane Blake

Emma has been playing paintball since 2008 and joined the Lionesses in 2018. During her time playing paintball she has been instrumental in growing the Women's game in the UK. Emma plays a forward position for the Lionesses. When not on the field, Emma is busy working as a nurse for the NHS.


Karis Martin

Karis started playing sup’air in 2015 and joined the Lionesses in 2018 as a snake player. One of our two Scottish members, when Karis is not playing paintball you will find her hiking in the Cairngorms.

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Shannon Lopes

Shannon joined us mid-way through the 2020 season after guesting for us at a few events. She started sup’air in 2019 with her university team and has already developed great off-the-break laning and snap shooting skills. Shannon won the Lionesses 2020 ‘CPPS D5 MVP’ recognition award. Off the field Shannon also takes part in Taekwondo.


Leanne Mcdonagh

Leanne joined us at the end of the 2020 season. Her first ever sup’air event was with Lionesses Academy in the Skirmish 3man Intro Division where they came second! Leanne has been marshalling rental paintball at Skirmish Sherwood Forest for 10 years! Outside of paintball, Leanne ventures into netball, ballroom/latin dancing and hiking. 


Alfie Ward

Alfie joined the Lionesses for the 2020 season after starting paintball in 2018. A dedicated marathon runner when they're not playing Paintball, Alfie is a speedy front snake player.


Debbie Pol

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Celia Bland

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Elizabete Lopes

Joining in 2020, the Lionesses in Elizabete’s third all-female team that she has supported (previously for a another UK team and a Brazilian team in her home country). She mainly plays bags forward and when off the field she enjoys playing Footvolley.


Michelle Daffin

Michelle joined us at the start of 2020 after meeting us at a Skirmish Pro Training Centre event  whilst she was working an Airsoft event. She immediately wanted to play sup'air! You will find Michelle lurking in the snake and bags as a forward player for Academy at Skirmish. As for the CPPS tournament, she will be joining her other paintball team, the Sneaky Snorkels.


Amber Irons

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Bryony Gillingham

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Lydia Conroy

Lydia our captain (and GB Ladies Captain) has been playing paintball since 2009. She has been a member since Lionesses formed in 2018. She keeps us organised on and off the field. Lydia plays support with great communication skills and was on the 2019 GB Ladies team who placed 2nd in the UPBF Nations Cup 3man. Lydia earned herself the Lionesses 2020 ‘Most Dedicated Player’ recognition award. Her second favourite sport is Football.


Llúcia Wood

Paintballer, photographer, 2019 Nations Cup and World Cup medal winner - Llúcia does it all. Behind the scenes she actively supports Lionesses, the student paintball scene and the female paintball community using her photography, photoshop and social media skills. She started playing paintball in 2016 and joined the Lionesses at the start of 2020 where she dominates bag side as a support! Llúcia won the Lionesses 2020 ‘CPPS D4 MVP’ recognition award.


Alex Poulton

Alex's first ever time on the paintball field was with Lionesses at the start of 2020, the same time she joined the team. Ever since day one she has played a super aggressive game and is often at snake 50 by the time you’ve blinked. In her first season she won 5 trophies, so it made sense when she also won the Lionesses 2020 ‘Best newcomer’ and ‘Most Improved Player’ recognition awards.


Sophie Tubb

Sophie has been playing a support role on the field with us since the start of Lionesses in 2018. She first started playing paintball in 2010 and has developed her forte in low-body situations. Sophie was part of the 2019 GB Ladies team who placed 2nd in the UPBF Nations Cup 3man. Sophie is a development chef in real life.


We are actively recruiting across all three of our teams - get in touch to find out more!