We are proud to have the largest roster of girls in the UK

Lydia CONROY #16

Lionesses and GB Captain, Lydia keeps us organised. A support player for the Lionesses, Lydia lives and breathes Paintball. She is also part of the coaching staff for D1 CPPS team Raiders.

Shelley FARMER #10

One of the most recognisable faces on our team. With 7 GB Caps and a family history that makes her basically Paintball Royalty - you will catch Shelley playing a forward centre roll for the Lionesses.

Alex POULTON #32

A newcomer to playing Paintball in 2020, Alex shows great promise as a snake player. She's already picked up two podiums and is constantly driven to keep improving her game.


Kat joined the Lionesses in 2018 after taking a break from Paintball after her daughter Winter was born. Kat plays forward bags and when she's not playing Paintball, you'll catch her taking on marathons!

Alicia TURNER #3

An OG Lioness, Alicia plays a calm and controlled game on the bag side of the field. Currently semi-retired (playing golf or something), we look forward to Leesh making a return to the field in the future.

Becky WARD #21

Becky joined the Lionesses for the 2020 season and made her debut at the Skirmish 3 man. A dedicated runner when she's not playing Paintball, Becky is a speedy front snake player.

Karis MARTIN #11

Karis was on the original Lionesses line-up and plays a super agressive game. One of our two Scottish snake players, when Karis isn't playing Paintball you'll find her hiking in the Cairngorms.

Zoe BONAR #111

Our second Scottish player, Zoe joined the Lionesses in 2019. Zoe's first event was a first place for the Lionesses at CPPS and she's been taking Gs from the snake ever since. 

Emma BLAKE #55

Emma has been playing Paintball for 10 years and has been instrumental in growing the Women's game in the UK. Emma plays a forward position for the Lionesses.

Sophie TUBB #7

Sophie plays support, generally on the snake side of the field. She's Queen of the low-body situation and has won several 3vs1s. Sophie is a Development Chef in real life.

Lucy ANSTEE #3

Lucy played for the Lionesses in 2018, after which she left to play for the Sandbaggers in D1 CPPS. One of the most promising young players (not just girls) in the UK, we wish her all the luck for the future!

Star HARFORD #77

Star now plays for Venom in D3 but makes the occasional appearance at events for the Lionesses in the snake. Star is a travel blogger and visits some amazing places with her family! 

Llúcia WOOD #1

Paintballer, Photographer, World Cup Medal Winner - Llucia does it all. She played for the Lionesses in the run up to the World Championships in 2019 in order to get more game time with the girls. 

Tasha SIMONDS #80

One half of the dynamic duo that are the Simonds Twins, Tasha is a regular player for SaD but played for the Lionesses in order to get game time with the GB girls. Tasha is a talented bag player.

Zara SIMONDS #81

Zara played for the Lionesses alongside her sister Tasha in the build up to the World Championships. Another regular SaD player, Zara plays the snake side of the field.

Jenny GREEN #94

Jenny only played one event for the Lionesses in 2018, however, this was our first ever 1st place and so that 100% win ratio is looking good. Jenny plays the bag side of the field.


Chloe's first furrow into Paintball was playing the Skirmish Intro Division 3 man in 2020. She proved to be an instinctive break shooter and we look forward to her joining us again in the future.

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